Write A Program That Considers A Class That Keeps Track Of The Sales Of An Item




Write a program that considers a class that keeps track of the sales of an item. An object of this class will have the following attributes:

·         Number sold

·         Total sales

·         Total discounts

·         Cost per item

·         Bulk quantity

·         Bulk discount percentage

And, the following methods:

·         registerSale(n) records the sale of n items. If n is larger than the bulk quantity, the cost per item will be reduced by the bulk discount.

·         displaySales displays the number sold, the total sales, and total discount

Design and implement the class in Java™.

Use the appropriate public or private modifiers for the methods and attributes.

Write Java™ statements that test the class.

Include proper documentation in the source code.

Take a screenshot of the program output and paste it into a Word document.