Write A Java Program That Constructs An Applet




This is an individual assignment. Please do not collaborate. No late assignment will be accepted. Make sure that you write every line of your code. Using code written by someone else will be considered a violation of the academic integrity and will result in a report to the Dean’s office. Requirements to get full credits in Documentation
The assignment number, your name, student ID, lecture number, and a class/file description need to be included at the top of each file/class.
A description of each method is also needed.
Some additional comments inside of methods to explain code that are hard to follow should be written.
You can look at the Java programs in the text book to see how comments are added to programs. Minimal Submitted Files You are required, but not limited, to turn in the following source files: Assignment6.java (The Assignment6 class extends JApplet)
Project.java Budget.java
CreatePanel.java – to be completed (it extends JPanel and contains ButtonListener nested class)
ProjectSpendingPanel.java – to be completed (it extends JPanel and contains ButtonListener nested class)

You can download the above files and use them to complete this assignment. You might need to add more methods than the specified ones. Skills to be Applied: Swing/AWT, Vector (very similar to ArrayList class) Classes may be needed:
JApplet, JButton, JTextField, JTextArea, JLabel, Container, JPanel, JTabbedPane, JList, and ActionListener. You may use other classes. How to run an applet program: -Create an html file, say “hw6.html” with the following content: