To carry out a validation study, an IO psychologist




To carry out a validation study, an IO psychologist

To carry out a validation study, an I/O psychologist is developing a regression equation from data collected from those hired two years ago. Specifically, the I/O psychologist is examining the relationship between extraversion, cognitive skills, and communication ability on sales performance (the dependent measure).

Currently, the same I/O psychologist must make a decision about which two applicants to hire for newly-created sales positions. There are 10 applicants for the two positions, who completed quantitative measures on the same predictors above.

In this assignment, you will perform the multiple regression analysis on the data from those hired two years ago. You will then use that information to make decisions regarding which of the current candidates should be hired.

General Requirements:

  • Doctoral learners are required to use APA style for their writing assignments. The APA Style Guide is located in the Student Success Center.
  1. Enter variables using the stepwise procedure.
  2. Interpret the results and write the regression equation using the following format: Y = (b1 x X1) + (b2 x X2) + (b3 x X3) + a, where a is the intercept, and the bs are regression coefficients.

In a statement of 200-250 words, describe what the data indicate about employee performance and coaching needs. Include the following in the statement:

  1. A discussion of which of these employees may need coaching and which are performing at acceptable levels.
  2. An explanation of which principles of consulting and coaching would most effectively be applied to improve organizational performance based on this data.

State the regression equation you wrote above, and use the equation computed and the data obtained from those hired two years ago to make a decision about which two individuals should be offered the current positions. Justify your decision in a statement of 150-200 words