Test Sorting Array





Create a single array to store the scores below. The data type of the array should be double. Then create a sorting class using one of the above methods. Make sure the sorting class processes double arrays (double[] arrayName;). Create a client class to call the sorting Class. Pass the array of scores to the Sorting class. Sort the array from smallest to largest and printout the sorted array.

53.5 60.3 96.2 53.3 56.4 52.7 76.4 77.5 71.0 78.2
65.2 59.3 80.5 92.1 85.7 78.7 66.2 88.8 50.2 73.4
Make a screenshot of the output and include it as an attachment to the Week 5 Assignment. Also, include the program code in a text file to run on another computer. Comment the code to receive full credit
Input Values Into an Array 20
Created Sort Class 20
Printout Sorted Number 20
Compiled and Ran Program (Screenshot) 30
Commented the Code 10
Total 100