Task Status




Select a task a program could perform over an array of items that would be useful.
Your task must include the following:
A useful array
Populating the array
Processing the items in the array
Outputting the results of the processing (This may or may not include displaying the entire array.)
You can build this on your effort in a previous week or tackle a new challenge.
Obtain approval from your instructor for your chosen task. Send a Private Message to your instructor.
Create a Visual Logic file to execute each of the tasks.
Desk Check for Home Maintenance
Continue working on the Week 5 Learning Team assignment.
Test your algorithms with a desk check using the appropriate test values for each variable required by your design. Provide a list of the variables and the values that the variables can hold.
Create a desk check table to show the results of your desk check test.
Continue developing the Visual Logic flowchart of the algorithm, including all modules.
Use this flowchart to check the values given for the desk check.