STR 581 Strategic Planning and Implementation Entire Class




Explain the the difference between the following pairs of strategic plan components (maximum words per pair 50): Mission Statement and Vision Statements. Objectives and Goals Strategies and Tactics. Implementation Plans and Evaluation Plans. Where have you seen misleading organizational mission, vision, and values statements? How did that affect the organization? How are the ethics of executives or ethical standards relevant to the process of strategy formulation? Should they be explicitly discussed in vision or valued statements? Explain your answer. Go to a public corporation’s website and read their statements on corporate social responsibility. Do you agree with all aspects? How does social responsibility relate to the strategy formulation process? Should all organizations include social responsibility in their mission and vision, even if it may have an adverse effect on maximizing shareholder wealth? Week 2: Locate an organization in the news. Is the organization validating its values by its actions? Use the organization’s website or other published information to define the values and explain your answer. When evaluating an organization, what political and ethical factors must be taken into account? Why? Consider the restaurant industry and explain how recent, current, and forecasted economic trends have affected the industry’s attractiveness. What firms have exited the industry? What firms have entered or increased investment in the industry? Consider a specific sector of the transportation industry—airlines, railroads, trucking, shipping, or multimodal. How have external operating environment factors affected the sector’s performance? Week 3 How might an organizational evaluation be beneficial? How might it be detrimental? How might a resource-based view of internal capabilities complement a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and thre(SWOT) analysis? Provide an example. How might the value, rarity, imitability, and organization analysis of internal capabilities complement a SWOT analysis? Provide an example. …