Sort a large array uf integers in the range of 1 to 100 by using an array count of 100 items





cpp file needed

exe file needed

multiple screen shots showing program executes

code comments to explain what the code is doing.

Program requirements:

You can sort a large array uf integers that an: in thc runs: 1 to 100 by using an
array count of 100 items II} :12th thc numbcr of occurrcnccs at" cach integtr in
d1: array. Fill in th: details ut’this sorting algorithm. which is called a bucket wrt,
and write a C++ function that implcmcnts it. mat is the ordcr {If the: buckct sort?
Why is the buckct mrt no: mfill as a general surfing aignrithm?


Be certain that the class has a function that displays a polynomial. For example, the polynomial should display like this: 4x^5 + 7x^3 – x^2 + 9. Also, implement a function that computes the product of two polynomials. The program should allow the user to input the polynomials to be used. Accept input from the keyboard or from a file and how to represent a polynomial that is to be input. Suggestion: The polynomial shown above could be represented by ( 4 0 7 -1 0 9 ).