simulated Baseball java




Program 2

This is  graphical program

Main Idea: You are using if/else or else if statements to make decisions.

  • In this program, you are going to create a simulated Baseball swing. You are going to determine whether a hit is made or not.
  • You are going to build a graphical program that has a
    • Frame
    • Panel
    • and Baseball class.
      • In the Baseball class, you should have four attributes,
        • Hit
        • Foul
        • Strike
        • And ball
          • Your panel should contain
            • a label for a picture
            • a label for the number of hits
            • a label for the number of fouls
            • and a label for the number of strikes
            • a label for the number of balls
            • and a button.
          • When the button is clicked
            • it should randomly decide if it is a hit
            • a foul ball
            • ball
            • or a strike
              • The correct image (of your choice) should appear indicating this.
                • If it is a hit
                  • increase the hit attribute
                • If it is a foul
                  • increase the foul attribute
                • If it is a ball
                  • increase the ball attribute
                • If it is a strike
                  • increase the strike attribute.

When the user presses the button, update the display with the overall number of hits, fouls, balls, and strikes.