Create a Flowgorithm program as follows:

Insert a Comment box, and type comment lines for the Author, Date, and Description.

In the Main function, declare two Integer variables (such as firstNum and secondNum), and prompt the user to enter values for them. These will be used as arguments to a function that determines the maximum value of the two.

Add a function (under Programs) named max. Add two Integer parameters to the function (such as n1 and n2). There should also be an Integer return variable (suggestion: name it larger).

Inside the function, declare the variable larger, use an If statement to compare the two parameter values, and assign the greater value to larger.

Back in the Main module, use an Output statement to call the function (with the two arguments firstNum and secondNum) and display the output in a sentence, for example:
“The greater value is: “ & max(firstNum, secondNum)

Save your file as S06.fprg.

Run the program. The program should ask you to enter two numbers. It calls the max function, then displays a sentence telling you which is the greater value. If there are any errors, recheck the instructions and correct them, then resave the file. A sample screen shot of the max function is shown below.

Second problem

1 Draw a context diagram and a diagram 0 DFD that represents the information system at a library

2 On the web, locate at least three firms that offer CASE tools as shareware or free, public domain software…Describe what you found

3 Explore the use of structured english to describe processes in fields other than a system analysis

4 create a descion table with three conditions…. you can make up one but be sure to show the outcome

5 use word application to complete