Project: SQL




This project will demonstrate that you know how to set up a mySQL database and access each of the CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) actions using a Java program.This project will allow you to demonstrate your expertise using the following SQL keywords:
CREATE TABLE – Create an new, empty table.
INSERT a new record of data into a table.
SELECT a specific set of data from a table.
UPDATE any record in a table.
DELETE a record from a table.
DROP (delete) a table.
SpecificationsFor this project you will be building a database to contain a collection of inventory items as part of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.1. Visualize – Design the database schema holding the data. It should include at the minimum:
A unique key field that is auto-incrementing.
Part number
Original cost of item
Selling price
This should be done using Excel to give your presentation a professional look and feel.2. Write a Java program that will allow all four CRUD operations.
Connect to a database.
Run SQL statements that do not return any data.
Run SQL statements that return a ResultSet with data.
Release any DBF resources such as ResultSets, Statements, or Connections
Create a new table (based on your Excel schema specifications)
Insert records into the table
Display all the data in the table for any given category (Extract this from the part number. The last two letters designate a category)
Update a record in the database with new data
Delete a record from the database
3. Use GIT to maintain a version control of your code.