You have been hired by Planet Poachers to write a Java console application that reads, converts, sorts, and writes planet data.  Create text file PlanetDataEnglish.txt, paste the following data into it, and place the file in your project folder.


Planet        Escape Velocity (miles/s)   Mean Temperature (F)    Number of Moons

Mercury                    2.7                   333                     0

Venus                      6.4                   867                     0

Earth                      7.0                    59                     1

Mars                       3.1                   -85                     2

Jupiter                   37.0                  -166                    67

Saturn                    22.1                  -220                    62

Uranus                    13.2                  -320                    27

Neptune                   14.6                  -330                    13

Pluto                      0.7                  -375                     5

Create the following methods:

To read the data from file PlanetDataEnglish.txt into four parallel arrays: planets, escapes, means, and moons.
To print the unsorted, converted, and sorted data using the appropriate column headers.
To convert the escape velocities from miles/s to km/s, and to convert the mean temperatures from Fahrenheit to Celsius.
To sort the data by planet name in ascending order.  Note that when values are swapped in one array, the same values must be swapped in the other arrays.
To write the data to file PlanetDataMetric.txt in the same layout as the input file.

Use the methods to:

1) Read the data.

2) Print the unsorted data.

3) Convert the data.

4) Print the converted data.

5) Bubble sort the data.

6) Print the sorted data.

7) Write the data.

Here are the first few lines of the output file:


Planet        Escape Velocity (miles/s)   Mean Temperature (F)    Number of Moons

Earth                     11.3                    15                     1

Jupiter                   59.5                  -110                    67 …