MKT 431 Final Quiz




QUESTION 1 Underline or highlight your True or False choice The worldwide media reach versus the fragmentation of media and audiences is a linear contemporary trend? True or False. QUESTION 2 Apple products lead the cellular phone and tablet markets. Rethinking marketing implies that marketers in a firm control the market through its products? True or False. =================================================== Each Multiple Choice Question is 2 points QUESTION 3 Marketing driven by entrepreneurs fall within the following dimensions per Schindehutte, Morris, and Pitt (2008): Proactive Risk Change Pricing Resource Leverage Value-added Customer intimacy Innovation Highlight a dimension(s) not INCLUDED in entrepreneurial marketing by the book authors. Schindehutte, M., Morris, M.H., & Pitt, L.F. (2008). Rethinking Marketing: The Entrepreneurial Imperative (1st ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Retrieved from the University of Phoenix eBook Collection database ================================================== Each Essay Question is 2 points QUESTION 4 Should aspersion be an immediate concern for small business entrepreneurs in comparison to unintended emersion? Explain concisely your supported response. QUESTION 5 Innovate or die! Could small business afford a mandate for creative destruction? Explain concisely your supported response. QUESTION 6 Anyone can have ideas! As an entrepreneur how do you know your idea is an opportunity? Explain concisely your supported response.