•800-1000 words, MLA formatting & citations•The rough draft is due in class on Monday, Feb 1.  The final draft is due Wed, Feb 3.•Essays should be a formal (including no first-person “I/me”) analytical response to one or more of the articles. Your choice of focus:–Rhetorical Analysis—explanation of author’s purpose and technique–Rebuttal—response to author’s argument (may need some light research)–Comparison—exploration of concrete similarities and differences in the authors’ approaches.Regardless of which approach you take, you’ll need to use/analyze quotes and details from your chosen text in order to earn a good grade. Don’t forget to add parenthetical citations and work cited entries!  I’ve given you some resources and information about citations in the “Content” folder underneith the links to the articles.  MAKE SURE YOU QUOTE AND CITE.Questions to get you started:Who is the audience?  How can you tell? What’s the tone or attitude?  What words/statements give you a sense of that tone?  Why did the author pick that tone?What is the main point?  What are other important points?How does the author go about proving those points?  Is the evidence/illustration/argumentation persuasive?What is the author’s ethos?  In other words, how does the author present him/herself?  What info does (s)he reveal about him/herself? What kind of relationship is established with the audience?How does the author balance logos (logical reasoning) and pathos (emotional reasoning)?