Lab 6: Implementing JavaScript Solution




Elegance Entertainment has a website that promotes their annual New Year’s Eve party. This site is required to display the current date and the number of days until New Year’s Eve. The nyeProblem.htm file is missing JavaScript. Download the iLab 6 folder with this file in it. You must add this code so that the following will be displayed on Elegance’s web page:

Download the Week 6 iLab zip file. Make sure you save it to your computer. Once you have downloaded the zipped folder, unzip it.

Website – Adding external Files
Website – Adding images
Website – Declaring JavaScript variables
Website – Calculate the number of days to New Year’s Eve
Website – Output New Year’s Eve information
Lab Report – All sections complete
Lab Steps
Part A: Add Images and External File References

1.    Open and rename the file.

·         Open the nyeProblem.htm document.

·         Save this document as nye.html.

2.    Add references to external files.

Add link to styles.css.
Add link to library.js.
3.    Add images to the page.

Add the New Year’s Eve gif image.
Add Elegance’s “E” jpeg logo image.
4.    Save the file to your local computer.

Part B: Implement JavaScript

1.    Declare variables.

Create the Date object named Today.
Create the variable ThisDay and assign it the current day.
Create the variable ThisMonth and assign it the current month.
Create the variable this year and assign it the current year.
Create the variable DaysLeft. Use the NYEDays function to obtain this value. Send the Today Date object as the argument.
Create the array MonthTxt with 13 locations. The first location( 0) should have the a blank “  “ value. The remaining locations should have the name of the months (“January”, “February”, …… “December”).
2.    Output and Decisions

Display the current date.
·         Using an if/else statement, determine and display the number of days until New Year’s Eve.

3.    Save the file to your local computer.

Part C: Complete the Lab Report

1.    Download the CIS363 Lab Report document from Doc Sharing.

2.    The lab report must be completed for all labs. The key parts of the report include the items listed below.

Objectives: A one-paragraph explanation of the purpose of the lab.
Results: Include a screenshot of the working website/page.
Conclusions: A one-paragraph explanation of what you learned while completing the lab, any challenges you had to work through, and how you can use what you learned going forward.
Submit Deliverables
1.    Copy files from the Citrix server (if necessary).

Zip all of the files from Parts A, B, and C into a single zip file.
3.    Submit your zip file to the Dropbox.