HRM 590 Week 5 Assignment Recruiting and Selection




Purpose: To outline a recruitment plan to fill the new job. Now that you have a job created, you need to find someone to fill that job. Once you’ve create your pool of candidates, you then need to determine how you will select the best candidate. Then, after your candidate has been on the job for a year, a performance evaluation is required.


Recruitment PlanWrite a job ad for your job opening. Provide a recruitment plan that includes where you plan to recruit and why, along with how long you plan to recruit. You must thoroughly explain your decisions for this recruitment plan. 25

Selection MethodDescribe the selection method(s) you would use to hire the best candidate. You must thoroughly explain your decisions for this selection method.25

Performance EvaluationNow you’ve hired a candidate, Cathy. She has been working for you for a year now. Based on the information provided (Performance Results Data document found in Doc Sharing), write her performance evaluation. You must be sure to substantiate your ratings and feedback.25

Literature ReviewFind one scholarly article each for recruitment, selection, and performance evaluations that validate your process (three total sources). Provide a summary of your sources in a 2–3 page paper.40

ReadabilityFollow Guidelines and Best Practices sections.10

DeliverablesSubmit the following:

  1. Recruitment plan
  2. Selection method plan
  3. Completed performance evaluation
  4. Literature review