HRM 498 Week 3 DQs




What are ethics? How do you mediate personal ethics when they differ from a company’s ethics? What are some methods for exploring and researching a company’s ethics and values? What are some fail-safe methods to ensure you comply with diversity laws? What are some methods an HR department may use to increase diversity? What methods may be used to improve relations with international partner companies? Do you believe outsourcing for staff is ethical? Why or why not? What are some alternatives? Why do some companies prefer outsourcing to these methods? Equal employment law is a prominent HR concern. In what ways do these laws affect HR practices positively? What do you perceive some negative consequences are? How do HR managers strike a balance between legal compliance and hiring qualified staff? Telecommuting is cited as a viable option for providing employee support and building rapport. Companies, however, see it as risky. What are some considerations that must be made before an HRM team implements telecommuting? What are some immediate and long-term advantages of allowing telecommuting? What are some pitfalls or risks?