HRM 326 Week 5, Value of a Good Manager to Your Career, Effective Training, Ch. 11




No matter what training or development the organization offers, nothing replaces having a good manager.  Many of you have pointed this out in posts in many of the discussion threads this week.

Much turnover is due to lack of development and related to this is having a poor manager.  While it is true that to grow, one sometimes must leave, just because of the size of the business or type of industry, there are many unrealized opportunities in the current organization.  Quite often, when we get past the usual “leaving for more opportunity” or “leaving for more money”, the real underlying cause is poor management. Equally, the cause of disengaged employees – the ones who have left mentally, but stay on physically – is poor management.

With a good manager who motivates and inspires, staff will stay, even with better offers.  The manager who motivates and inspires, provides opportunities for growth in the current job or, if possible, within the organization.

Years ago, I conducted internal research on career paths for a large financial services organizations.  In doing so, I discovered a real surprise when it came to top Operations executives.  When I followed their careers back, it turns out that 3 out of 4 senior operations executives had worked for a fellow named Bill Crumrine early in their careers.  Bill had a real knack for spotting and developing talent.  He stayed on, in the same job over the years, while his protégés went on to big, important jobs in the company.  I interviewed Bill and found that he was happy doing what he was doing and had no desire to move up, but had a total commitment to developing his people and seeing them succeed.

I always felt, and still do, that there should be rewards and recognition for managers who are good at developing their people. What are your thoughts?