HRM 326 Week 5 Development Plan




Organizations need to have a pool of managerial talent to take on jobs from senior managers and new management jobs that may be created.  One way is to hire from outside, another way is to “grow your own manager talent pool” from within.

Create a 700 to 1050 word recommendation that describes how you will grow the manager talent pool at your organization.

  1. How will you select candidates for your manager development program? For example:  select from existing staff or hire them in? How would you assess their potential so you know who to pick? For example: interviews, tests. What might you need to do so that you consider all potential candidates and do not unfairly discrimminate?
  2. How would you develop these candidates and over what time period?  What different jobs/experiences should they have so that at the end of say 2-3 years they are ready for a management slot? What formal training might they need?
  3. So after all the training and job experience, how will you assess who is ready to move up to the position of manager? Again, consider how you would make sure you individuals are chosen fairly and objectively.
  4. What support should be provided to new managers to ensure their success?

Cite any sources according to APA formatting guidelines.

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