HRM 326 Week 4,Airplane Pilots Truck Drivers and Simulators, Effective Training, Ch. 7




Please jump in with your responses. Let’s consider simulators for a moment. Yes, that is simulator (Simulations are good too, but are not the same. Simulations are more like eLearning.)

Of course, airline pilots have long used simulators for training and for re-certification. The simulators used by pilots involve a real cockpit, with real controls, all hooked up to computers to simulate differing conditions and measure pilot response times. These are huge machines. The simulator moves, rolls, and shakes as a real airplane. [Of course one can also do a flight simulation computer game – but it’s not the same, however well developed.]

Commercial airline pilots use simulators to get training in new model aircraft and recertified at regular intervals. This type technology is also applied in other areas, e.g. commercial truck drivers at UPS and Fedex.

Where else could simulators be used? (where the risks to practice on the real thing are too great, but the need for real hands-on practice is essential.)