HLT 362 362v EXERCISE 23




1.       Consider the relationship reported for the Quadriceps strength index 120s and the Hop index (r=0.744**, p=0.000) What do these r and p values indicate related to statistical significance and clinical importance?

2.       The researchers stated that no significant relationship could be described between Hamstring strength indicates 60s and functional stability. Give the data in table 5, explain why not.

3.       The researchers stated that the study showed a positive, significant correlation between Quadriceps strength indicts that pre and postoperative functional stability. Considering the data presented in table 5, do you agree with their statement? Provide rationale.

4.       In table 5, two r values are reported as r=-0.498 and r=-0.528. Describe each r value in words, indicating which would be more statistically significant, provide a rationale.

5.       Which of the following sets of variables has the strongest relationship?

6.       Which variable has the weakest relationship with the Quadriceps strength index 120s? Provide rationale.

7.       Without using numbers, describe the relationship between the Hamstring strength index 120% and the Triple hop index.

8.       Describe the direction of the relationship between the Hamstring strength index 60% and the shuttle run test.

Exercise 23

9.       What is the r value for the relationship between Hamstring strength index 60% and the shuttle run test? Is this r value significant? Provide rationale.

r=-0.149, it is listed on Table 5 as the relationship between the two. It is not considered significant since p=0.424 and the value is greater than α=0.01.

10.   Consider r=1.00 and r=-1.00. Which r value is stronger? Provide rationale

Both are the strongest possible relationship, either negative or positive, so not one r is stronger than the other.