Cuntry tax java




A Java application to calculate how much federal and state tax you need to pay. The program should accomplish the following tasks: ask your name, yearly income, federal tax rate, and state tax rate, then calculate and display the amount of tax you need to pay. Your program must catch user input errors. As the examples given above, use a dialog window to enter program input instead of console-based commands.¬†¬†After you are done, zip “compress” the java source file along with some screen shots of your output and submit.

Assignment Expectations

It has to have the Ability to use checked exceptions in a Java program.

Alternative assignment

Java application that accomplishes the following tasks.

  1. Ask the number of homework assignments students have submitted in a semester
  2. Calculate the letter grade the student has earned based on the average of these assignmen
  3. The program needs to have built in Exception handling.
  4. After you are done, zip “compress” the source file along with a screen shot of the output and submit.