CSCI 1015 Assignment 2




CSCI 1015 Assignment 2
Problem 2: The Lone Oak High School Marching Band is raising funds by selling fruit. In order to simplify processing of orders, only three types of packages of fruit are being sold. They are
? Box of Apples at a cost of $14.00
? Box of Peaches at a cost of $16.00
? Box of Oranges at a cost of $18.00
There is a 10.00% tax on the total order amount. Write a Java program that reads the number of each type package on an order and computes the cost for the packages of each type ordered. Total the order, calculate the tax on the order, and the total including the tax. Print all items read and all items calculated with appropriate labels.
Example: (the red font is to indicate the user input from the keyboard) Boxes of Apples: 2
Boxes of Peaches: 3
Boxes of Oranges: 4
Total cost of the fruit: 148.00 Tax: 14.80
Total Amount Due: 162.80
Note 1: please read the syllabus about the coding style. All assignments will be graded based on several aspects (only use those syntax covered in the textbook). Refer to rubric for CSCI 1015-03.
? How well they solve the problem on test data — see rubric
? How well they use the concepts introduced in that class — see rubric
? Coding style (clarity, indentation, comments, spelling, etc.) — see rubric, Etc