Create three websites linked to each other…




Creating a Web Site.
? Three Web Pages are needed.
? All three need to have links to each other (you may include other links if desired).
? Two Pages need to use CSS (Embedded or Inline).
In addition to the items above, there are nine other features required:
? Each Page needs to include Title tags inside the Head Tags (the title should appear in the Title Bar of the Browser)
? Add a background color to at least one of the pages
? There must be a list of at least four items (ordered or unordered is acceptable)
? 2 Heading Styles (somewhere within the site)
? Some text needs to be assigned some color and either Centered or Right-justified using CSS3.
? One Page needs to include Line Breaks and Paragraph Breaks
? At least one Image (a picture is preferred) needs to appear in the site.
? A second image needs to function as a hyperlink.
? Use of a Box with text and/or an image inside of it.