Create a database in SQL developer about a timeclock system.




Perform a logical design on the proposed database environment without going through the full normalization process. Include the identification of all entities and attributes associated with the environment.

Use a 2-page memo to document your logical design including the process you went through.

Discuss the process you went through to select the appropriate data types, primary and foreign keys, and other constraints that are necessary to maintain the integrity of the database.

Your database project must meet the following assessment requirements:

Design a database using professional principles and standards.
Provide a logical design of the database. As a part of the design, normalize the database to the 3NF
Use Microsoft Visio or another tool to create this diagram to normalize the ERD to third normal form (3NF).
Your database project must meet the following requirements:

Create a database using professional principles and standards.
Use a relational database software application to develop a database implementing the logical design into a physical design.
Use an Oracle® database to create the normalized physical database including tables, columns with data types, primary keys, constraints, etc.
Create a minimum of ten rows of test data in each table.
Design and develop the below queries using professional principles and standards:

A set of SQL Statements that returns all rows and all data for each table in your database.
Two SQL Statements that return a subset of columns and a subset of rows using the WHERE clause.
Two SQL Statements that join two or more tables in one query. Look for primary and foreign keys to help you determine join points. Use the JOIN clause as a part of your queries.