calcMortgage application




Assignment Overview

For this assignment, you will write a new version of the area calculation program from  the calculation you did for me 2 weeks ago that makes use of inheritance in C++. Add a new Shape base class to the area calculation program that includes data members common to all shapes (such as a shape ID, a shape type, and a unit of measure).

Part 2: Describe the Application

Write a 3–5-page paper in which you complete the following:

·         Define and document the requirements for the calcMortgage application.

·         Describe the stakeholders needed to help further define the application.

·         Describe a collaboration plan for working with stakeholders.

·         Explain your object model and inheritance.

·         Explain how your application works and any issues you encountered with the application.

·         Include a screen shot of your application, using the Print Screen function, to show that your application works.