Associated Data





For this assignment, you will perform a subquery exercise in which you will analyze data in one recordset to incorporate into a second data recordset.

To present the results of the subquery, compose a Word document that provides and explains the SQL code you have written accompanied by an Excel spreadsheet presenting the associated data.


Your submission will be assessed on:

Completion of all required elements (i.e., Word document, Excel spreadsheet).

The success of each query (i.e., how well the query works and performs as intended).

Thoroughness of the information and data provided.

Query Scenario

You receive an e-mail request from HR requesting information about the last time a pay rate was changed for an employee. The employee’s NationalIDNumber is 486228782. Develop a subquery instead of an INNER JOIN to provide the answer to this request. Note: A Subquery is another method of writing a JOIN that can be efficient when used at the right times