Algorithm Workbench (Visual Basic 2013/2015)




Algorithm Workbench (Visual Basic 2013/2015)

1.) The following statement calls a function named half that returns a Decimal, which is half of the argument. Write the function.

decResult = Half (intNumber)

2.) An application contains the following function:

Function Square (ByVal intValue As Integer) As Integer

Return intValue ^ 2

End Function

3.) Write a procedure named TimesTen that accepts a single Integer argument. When the procedure is called, it should display the product of its argument multiplied by 10 in a message box.

4.) An application contrains the following procedure:

Sub Display(ByVal intArg1 As Integer, ByVal strArg2 As String, ByVal sngArg3 As Single)

MessageBox.Show (“Here are the values: ” &

intArg1.ToString() & ” ” &

strArg2 & ” ” & sngArg3.ToString() )

End Sub

Write a statement that calls the procedure and passes it the following variables:

Dim strName As String

Dim intAge As Integer

Dim sngIncome As Single