A3 – Redux


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A3 – Redux. Compare the cost of computing (A) mean, (B) median, and (C) fast median for (i) singe threaded and (ii) multi-threaded Java, as well as (iii) pseudo-distributed MR and (iv) distributed MR.
Fine print: (0) Group assignment, two students. (1) Reuse previous implementations as much as possible. Output “m C v” triples where m identifies the month, C is an airline, and v is the median or mean. (2) Devise your own approach to speed up computation of the median, this may include approximation techniques. If you choose to approximate, make sure to measure accuracy. (3) Evaluate the performance of the following configurations i-A, i-B, ii-A, ii-B, iii-A, iii-B, iii-C, iv-A, iv-B, iv-C. (4) Create a benchmarking harness that will automatically run all configurations for different input sizes and generate graphs of the performance. The harness should output timings in a CSV file and generate a PDF using R. (5) Produce a report that describes your conclusions. Use LaTex or similar. (6) The reference solution is 350 lines of Java, 40 lines of R, and 150 line of Make.